About The Network

The Mamas Network is a media production company dedicated to improving the lives of urban parents by giving them free and easy access to information. 

We are the hub where local resources, organizations, business owners, educators, caretakers, parents, and children come together to inspire each other and change their community for the better. We are your problem solvers, your friends, and your advocates because we believe that mothers can do anything when armed with information. 

What We Do

We help you make meaningful connections with parents and kids by creating marketing strategies that are relevant, creative, and to the point.

The Mamas Network works with brands and businesses to target influential segments of specific communities. By drawing this market to one consolidated place, The Mamas Network allows businesses a unique opportunity to effectively target a large group of families who regularly purchase products and services related to their kids.

How We Work

We help you stay relevant in an ever changing landscape.

At the Mamas Network, we believe your marketing success is determined by how relevant you can be to your target audience, after all, this is how we’ve build our own award winning brand. A parent’s attention is consistently being diverted, and they tend to tune many things out. Relevancy is the key to breaking through the distractions, and putting yourself at the forefront of a parent’s mind and decision making.

We work with brands on a one on one basis to create custom marketing solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether it be hosting a  launch event or designing your first website, The Mamas Network will be there to help you along the way.

Who We Are



CEO & Community Advocate

Leni’s passion is for helping others. She has spent much of her adult life advocating for the people around her with an unapologetic dedication to the greater good. Leni believes that parents should be the people they want their children to be and she strives to make a difference in her community.

Leni is the first place winner of the 2010 Queens StartUP Business Plan Competition and holds the  Points of Light Award for her service during Hurricane Sandy.



CFO & Business Advocate

Randi is a third generation New York City business owner who believes that all businesses, big and small, deserve a chance to be successful. She has a  passion for helping business owners thrive in competitive markets and lends her expertise regularly to startups and established brands seeking to break into new markets.

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